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Get your book written and published

The first step is to talk with our team to discuss ways in which to conceptualize your vision and translate it into a book. Once we get the basics cleared we then proceed with the writing work. Our writer works in close collaboration with the individual whose ideas must be translated to coherent words and passages with a start and an end. Once this is done you have options to get the book printed, ebook or audiobook through us.

Be confident

Our team will take care of writing the book.

So what kind of book do you want to write?

  • An autobiography,
  • A political, social, religious, institutional project,
  • The story of your family, of an event that marked your life,
  • A romantic story,
  • A try,
  • Or a technical book, we are here to help you take the plunge.

Writing Services

We can feel and think but putting down all these thoughts into words in an ordered, structured and cohesive way is a challenge for many people. If you find yourself in this category and yet wish to see your words published or written down then please do talk with us.

JB Production offers writing services across the entire spectrum. We write for individuals and for businesses. We can write coherent and cogent articles for you. You do not have to worry about flow, language and grammar: we take care of everything with meticulous care.

  • Expertise in English & French

If you interact with the public and giving speeches is part of your life, whether in English or in French, then please leave the burden of creating a concept and working on it to create a compellingly powerful speech on us. Just tell us the topic and we will take it up from there, preparing the speech for you in the required format and duration well ahead of schedule.

We also specialize in writing books. We have a team of specialists able to craft stories for fiction works. We can write authoritatively on various topics if you are into non-fiction. We can write on technical topics, on economics, political affairs, management, business, humanities and educational materials. Collaborate with us and provide inputs. We write and prepare books that can be published and distributed offline and online.

  • Expressing your thoughts in words

JB Production also offers creative script writing for film makers and copy for advertising that can be short, snappy and attention grabbing to further your brand image. Our writers have flair and talent to come up with just the type of content you need for your campaigns.

Why keep your thoughts bottled up inside? Find an outlet and a creative expression. You can let the world know and benefit and also earn in the process by writing articles and books with our assistance. Phone us and get started.

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